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Mission and Objectives

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We've had to change the way we do a lot of things since 1899, so why do we think we can continue to waste energy like there's an unlimited supply?

I believe we have an unrealistic approach to producing energy that always assumes there will be enough for our cars and fancy gadgets! Perhaps we should look at it the other way around and decide what is a reasonable amount of energy for each of us to use and then make the cars and gadgets efficient enough to fit the supply? There is no need to give up our luxuries but there is an obvious advantage in being sensible about diminishing energy resources.

I don't know if global-warming will happen or not and the experts seem to continually argue about it. However, when there is so much doubt, I don't think we can afford to assume that it won't so why don't we change our behaviour just in case?

This website is a collection of information about the various experiments I have done over the last thirty years. I make no apology for stating my strong opinions about energy production as I believe it is sometimes necessary to make a point. I am deeply concerned about the way we use (or waste) energy and passionately believe that there is no place for profit in energy production. I despair that governments in general, and certainly here in the UK in particular, appear to have abrogated their responsibilities to provide citizens with the cheapest possible energy produced in the most responsible manner. I can see little benefit in placing energy production into the hands of profit-driven corporations who's main objective is to wring as much money out of pensioners, the disadvantaged and the rest of us as possible. In my opinion, the lunatic conversion of the UK Drax power-station, for example, from coal to burn wood imported from abroad is a shining example of brilliant commercial stupidity and a gross abuse of subsidies derived from our taxes. Let me make it clear that I have no problem with the technicians and engineers as they are just doing an honest days work, my criticism is aimed directly at governmental energy policy (or apparent lack of it).

Isn't it obvious that we need to grow-up and realise that everyone has minimum birthrights that surely include air to breath, water to drink, land to live on, food to sustain life and energy enough to keep warm? I do accept that profit has a place in a lot of our activities but certainly none of these.

I don't think govenments or large corporations will listen until it is too late and the damage is done. Therefore the responsibility falls to individuals, us collectively, to bring about the necessary change by demonstrating a better way. My humble mission is to do my bit towards this by sharing ideas about practical ways of reducing energy use. In addition, I believe there are much better ways of producing energy too. I am mainly interested in small projects that others can copy and test for themselves that I have already built and proved to work. Usually such projects lead to much smaller energy bills too, now is that such a bad thing?

If you believe windmills, nuclear power or fracking are going to save us, please see my comments on those here: Nuclear, fracking & windmills

Some say that there is an 'energy conspiracy' to maintain high profits, please see my thoughts on that here: Conspiracies, lies & profit

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