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Wood is such a good fuel
Solar panels and green stuff
Local heat and power is better
What's wrong with the grid?
Nuclear, fracking and windmills
How to save energy
Conspiracies, lies and profit
My attempts at furnaces
What is a furnace?
My first furnace attempt
My second furnace attempt
My third furnace attempt
My fourth furnace attempt
Methane drove me bonkers!
What is methane
Very slow methane
Attention to detail
My collection of gasifiers
What is a gasifier
Early gasifier attempt
Making my tank gasifier
Tank gasifier in operation
My automatic gasifier
My big-flame burners
Gas cylinder burner
Experimental tube burner
Early auger bench-test
Auger construction
Constructed auger test
Early burner bench-test
Later burner bench-test
Final burner ready
Stoker-burner under test
Modified stoker-burner
View into burner-head
Boiler, burner and hopper
Wood-chip stirring
Burner alight into boiler
Sketches and details
Development of my complete heating system
My complete system
Welding the main boiler
Main boiler welded
Making the auger drive
Pellets in the hopper
System ready for test
My collection of windmills
Windmills in general
Bird-scarer windmill
Motorbike chain windmill
Bike-wheel windmill
V-belt pulley windmill
Water-pump windmill
Five year windmill
Vertical paddle windmill
See-saw windmill
Small turbine windmill
Air-pump windmill
Closer view of air-pump
Three-phase windmill
Three-phase close-up
Windmill propellers
Batteries, inverters and switch-over panels
Different types of batteries
What is an inverter?
Switch-over panels
Ground-source and air-source heat-pumps
Heat-pumps in general
Ground-source heat-pump
Installing ground-source
Air-source external
Air-source internal
Storage of fuel and heat
Under-ground heat storage
Hot water dynamics
Pellet or wood-chip store
Pellet/chip store again
Pellet/chip store cladded
My 2,000 willows project
Willows are wonderful!
How to get started
Planting out the willows
Irrigators close-up
Willows in first year
Willows at two years
Willows at four years
About me
I want your scrap money!
Feedback and comments
Spotted any errors?
Safety and disclaimer

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